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Below, you can find live feeds of four local swift nests during their nesting season in Gibraltar. Two species of swifts have historically nested in built-up areas in Gibraltar; the Common Swift characterised by its dark, almost black, colour, and the Pallid swift, which is paler brown.

These fast moving, sickle-shaped birds, signal the start of the spring and are a characteristic feature of the spring and summer skies in Gibraltar. It is hoped that the installation of Swift nest boxes, along with the promotion of more eco-friendly building designs, will help increase local population numbers. In return, they’ll help keep down the numbers of mosquitoes during the hot summer nights!

Live Cam
Fred and Wilma
Live Cam
Lola and Rico
Live Cam
Lois and Clark
Live Cam
Jewel and Blue

Gibraltar Reef Camera

The Gibraltar Underwater Camera is the first of its kind in Gibraltar and provides a live feed of the marine conditions and marine life present at its location.

Gibraltar ReefCam

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