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Includes Nature Reserve Access

Private Tour

For up to 6 people

Book a private tour with one of Gibraltar’s tourist board certified driver guides. With a deep understanding of local history and culture, and in-depth knowledge of the Nature Reserve, a private tour can help you discover more.

Choose from 3 Unique Experiences:

  • Rock Experience
  • 360° Experience
  • Premium Experience

All tours have a capacity of 6 people.

Please contact us for accurate pricing and availability.

Read more about each Tour Experience below.

Private Tour

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Send us a message if you’d like to know more about our Private Tour Experiences.

Private Tour Experiences

  • Rock Experience
  • 360° Experience
  • Premium Experience

Rock Experience

Enjoy a scenic drive through the Gibraltar Nature Reserve and visit some of its main attractions.

Your first stop at The Pillars of Hercules will afford you an uninterrupted view of the Strait of Gibraltar and on a clear day North Africa. Experience ‘The Awakening’ at St Michael’s Cave, the latest attraction on the Rock, extenuating the wonderous forms of this magnificent Cave and culminating in a 360-degree light and sound show about Gibraltar’s geological history.

Brave the Skywalk – an impressive glass platform 340m directly above sea level then meet the Barbary Macaques the only free roaming monkeys in Europe.

End your tour down from the reserve driving the same route as James Bond in the opening of The Living Daylights.

Tour Price: Contact us

Duration: 2 Hours

360° Experience

The 360° experience will see you a long our diverse coastline, sun swept beaches, picturesque marinas and then through The Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

Driving through tunnels hewn by the military on your way to explore some of the Reserve’s most iconic attractions. Sites such as ‘The Awakening’ at St Michael’s Cave – Gibraltar’s latest attraction telling Gibraltar’s geological story through light and sound in the heart of the Rock. The Skywalk offering panoramic views of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Great Siege Galleries a feat of engineering that would leave the Romans speechless amongst many others.

Of course, no tour is complete without a visit to the famous Gibraltar Barbary Macaques, Europe’s only free roaming monkeys.

Tour Price: Contact us

Duration: 3 Hours

Premium Experience

Enjoy Gibraltar in style with our Premium Experience.

A complete day of fun, food and little retail therapy. Start at Europa Point enjoying a breath-taking view of the Strait of Gibraltar as you stand at the last point of Europe. Then on through Gibraltar’s coastal roads revealing the splendour of beaches and quaint coves to enjoy a spot of lunch.

After which you will be whisked away to Gibraltar’s crown jewels – The Gibraltar Nature Reserve to experience a plethora of attractions and wildlife.

Ending your day with a walk through the city centre perusing its many shops and café’s or enjoying one of the unique parks cradled by colonial military fortifications.

Tour Price: Contact us

Duration: 6.5 Hours

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