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  • Getting Here

    • Can I drive to the Nature Reserve?

      No, only locally registered vehicles are allowed to drive into the Nature Reserve. There are multiple transport options available should you not want to walk into the Reserve.

    • What do I need to wear if I walk into the Nature Reserve?

      If walking into the Reserve, we recommend a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes and a hat to protect against the sun.

    • Can I bring my dog to the Nature Reserve?

      Dogs are allowed in the Nature Reserve but must always be on their leash. The Barbary Macaques can also be a danger to Dogs, so we recommend keeping your distance and always referring to our Macaque guidelines.

  • Tickets

    • How much does it cost to access the Nature Reserve?

      If you are a Red ID Card holder the entry to the Nature Reserve is free upon showing your ID Card at the entry to the upper Rock. You will then obtain a Red Band Ticket allowing entry into the Nature Reserve.

      For those without a Red ID Card the pricing is as follows:

      Adult daily pass:                               £18.00

      Child daily pass (5-11years):        £12.00

      Children under 5 years:               Free

    • How long is my ticket valid?

      When you purchase a Nature Reserve ticket it is valid for up to a year until activated. After activation on entry into the Reserve the ticket entitles you to 1 day of access.

    • What does my ticket entitle me to?

      A Nature Reserve ticket entitles its holder to entry and all attractions located within the Nature Reserve.

  • Experiences

    • What do I do when near the Barbary Macaque?

      Please see our Guidelines to the Barbary Macaque and familiarise yourself with the safety procedures. These are wild animals freely roaming the Nature Reserve and as such need to be treated with care for their safety and your own.

    • Can I barbeque at the Nature Reserve?

      No, due to fire safety risks setting up any kind of open flame is illegal.

    • Can I camp in the Nature Reserve?

      No, once the Nature Reserve is closed no vehicle or persons are allowed entry unless they live in or are visiting someone who lives in the Reserve.

  • Information

    • Are there toilet facilities available in the Nature Reserve?

      Yes, please look at our map to familiarise yourself with their locations.

    • Are there first aid facilities in the Nature Reserve?

      First aid is available at all major attractions in the Nature Reserve.

    • Are there COVID restrictions in the Gibraltar Nature Reserve?

      The Gibraltar Nature Reserve and all its sites adhere to the wider Government of Gibraltar COVID policies. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with these to keep up to date at www.gibraltar.gov.gi/covid19

    • How do I exit the Nature Reserve if I no longer want to walk?

      You can head to the Cable Car Top Station and purchase a ticket to ride it out of the Nature Reserve or call a taxi to pick you up +350 20070052

    • Can I bring food, or can I buy it at the Reserve?

      You can bring food into the reserve, though we recommend keeping it secure and out of site. The local Barbary Macaques located in the Reserve will be drawn to you should they see any food on you. Food can be purchased in the Reserve also at St Michael’s Cabin.

  • Contact Us

    • Who can I contact for further information?

      To contact a member of our team please use the onsite chat facility or contact form.

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