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Driving into Gibraltar?

We recommend if you are traveling by car to familiarise yourself with the car park options in Gibraltar.

There is also pay and display street parking across the city centre and at the bottom of the Cable Car station.

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Alternatively, it’s worth considering using public transport as this is often the easiest and more environmentally friendly way.

The nearest stop to the Nature Reserve entrance by public bus is on Route no.1. The bus stops near the Moorish Castle entrance and is the last stop on this route.

How to access the Nature Reserve

Only authorised vehicles and Blue Badge Holders can drive into The Nature Reserve. We suggest you walk, take a Rock Tour, jump on an e-bike or ride in the Cable Car.

The Nature Reserve has 4 entry points: Jews Gate, Moorish Castle, Devils Gap and the Cable Car Top Station. All entry points save for the Cable Car Top station can be accessed by foot.

These entry points all have ticket offices from where you may collect your ticket upon showing your purchase receipt.

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