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The Upper Rock Nature Reserve is riddled with paths. Taking you along historic routes, dredged by soldiers of old or revealing wonderous views of the surrounding area.

These routes will have you hiking around the Nature Reserve amidst its natural surroundings and crisscrossing into the many sites and points of interest that make their home in the Reserve.

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Popular Paths

Some of our most popular paths include…

Douglas’s Path

This pedestrian trail snakes its way along the upper ridge of the Rock, viewing former military positions and sentinel posts.

Royal Anglian Way

This path takes its name from the Royal Anglian Regiment that refurbished the area in the late 1960s. The path has a series of military installations including, cook-houses and the impressive Rooke Battery.

Devil’s Gap Path

Walk up Devil’s Gap Steps, famously decorated in the Union Jack colours into the Nature Reserve. This path will take you to Devil’s Gap and Genoese Batteries via a small tranquil footpath.

Mediterranean Steps

Zigzag your way up to the highest point on the Rock via this jaw-dropping path along the eastern cliff-face of Gibraltar, taking in breath-taking views over the Mediterranean on your way.

Inglis Way

Some 1,200 metres in length, this path traverses the middle section of the Upper Rock through some of the richest flora and fauna in Gibraltar. The vegetation includes Olive trees, White Asparagus, Common Asphodel, Esparto Grass, and numerous other species typical of the Mediterranean ‘maquis shrubland’ that characterises the area. Fauna includes numerous bird species, Barbary Partridges, and several species of lizards.

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